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WELCOME to the home of the Philippine Real Properties For Sale, the primary destination for those interested in finding a place to call home in the Philippines more specifically in Cebu. If you have property to sell then we can help you find potential buyers online, and if you are looking for property then we our agents can help you find the perfect place.

Representing you in the purchase or sale of your home is our only business and we treat it very seriously. Because home ownership may be the largest single investment you make in your lifetime, you are wise to seek the most knowledgeable and experienced Broker possible to conduct your transaction.
Garces Realty provides you the Best! Ensuring First Rate Real Estate Business!

Our valued clients, we valued your time as much as we valued our time. We don't intend to trip you if you are not yet decided to buy even when you are certain about the property type you are looking for & or even you like the property we are presenting. We bring you to the site because we believe you will purchase the property if it meets your specification. We maintain our policy "No buy, No tripping".  If you wish to just roam around and want to know more about Cebu, you may hire a Tour guide. Additionally, we can't trip you if your time frame to buy is 3months, 6months, next year or next few years from now as it would be useless since property status and updates are no longer the same by that time. We trip REAL decided, interested outright buyers only! Finally, we don't trip your relatives if you don't keep in touch with us FIRST. Relatives sometimes became our compitetor and sometimes, keep your money or contact other real estate agent and ask for commission which is very degrading to our business. We need your cooperation on this matter.


Philippine Real Properties For Sale also caters on other matters such as Social Networks, Business NetworksPTC & PTR Sites, Surfing Sites for Credits and Traffic Generator Site. You may also create an account for your Payment Method all of which is FREE to JOIN. It also allows friends to post adverts for their Business Opportunities for FREE.

The listings found in this site is limited, there are still a lot more properties to choose from. Privacy of the property owners as well as piracy from unaccredited agents are among the reasons for this. For friend who wishes to post their adz, you are advise to contact the web host for full details and for other listings that suits your needs.

Legal Disclaimer: The website owner reserves the right to correct typographical errors in this material. Pictures shown herein are for presentation purposes only and are subject to change without prior notice. Nothing contained herein shall contain or be construed as an offer to represent a part of any contract, nor shall any contract or any part thereof be established upon. Everyone is advised to inquire with the website owner for confirmation or take an actual viewing and perform careful study of listings presented.

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