Service Appartments! Guaranteed 6% Return of Investment

Sitio: Motimbo
Barangay: Pusok
City / Municipality: Lapu-Lapu City / Mactan Island
Province: Cebu
Country: Philippines
Location: Pusok
Status: Active
Type: Business For Sale / Income Generating Properties
Sort: For Sale
Floor Area (sq. mtrs.): 36

Note :
1. One Loft Unit with Floor area of 63sq.m Fully Furnished is for sale at USD80,000 (USD29,000

cheaper than the price of nearest competitor). Update : May 18, 2007
2. If you want a to buy the Loft bare shell (not improved and furnished) the price is only


Price (USD): 55,000.00 for a studio unit

Prixw (USD): 90,000 for a loft type unit

Selling not just a promise! But an actual tangible fully furnished Service Appartments at Guaranteed

6% returns per annum. Investors shall enjoy either:

1. Guaranteed 6% annual return on their investment. eg. The
client purchases a unit for USD 52,083.00, they enjoy Guaranteed
annual rental income of USD 3,125. This 6% guaranteed return is unique and very new to Cebu.

Furthermore, it provides Invvestors with something tangilbe to offer. Way better than just a promise

of a rental return or Capital appreciation on their purchase.  This is a very transparent manner in

making the deal a win/ win for all.


2. Living or enjoying the property themselves.


The company is founded upon a strong ethos and principals of accountability. We will not sell you promises - nor slick marketing. Our signature: WE SELL RESULTS.

Like many good companies, our foundations were established in response to a market need. We felt that most developers only cared about the sale, and would do anything to get it.

As a result they set up the company., to originally manage and operate serviced apartments in Kiener Hills in Cebu, Philippines. With careful nurturing, we built the organisation into a profitable business for all stakeholders, and we continue to expand. Our original idea gave us the most important tool of all - - a mechanism for REAL INVESTOR RETURNS.

This tool has come full circle, and is now the cornerstone of our company. We sell investments with a TRACK RECORD.

The net result is: Real Returns and happy investors.

Having learned from experience, on principal we will not present any vague sales hype in our literature - only cold hard facts. Our information is based upon real experience of operating an existing sales and rental management company - Not rosy projections from overly-optimistic marketing people.

If you are looking for an investment property that will give you recurring income and grow your wealth; then you are in the right place. We will not arm you with fiction or hopes, but real facts and figures


The company PRIDES itself on results. This is what you can expect from   :

1. Results-oriented performance.

What does that mean?

If we give you a deadline for delivery of your new apartment, it will be met, or we will give you the guaranteed monthly return (pro-rata) you would have received had your unit been delivered by the deadline.

If makes a PROMISE, we will be accountable for it (as above). No long-winded stories blaming everyone except ourselves here.

2. A Professional Property Manager with EXISTING & PROVEN rental operations.

Once built, your new apartment is immediately placed into   's Rental Management Operation. You simply start counting the money.

You can choose from:

a) A GUARANTEED 6% annual return for studio apartments.

b) A 60%/40% split of the revenue in favour of the investor for any apartment placed into the our serviced apartment pool; which means you get 60% of all monthly income generated from your apartment.

3. No Tricky Marketing Speak or Slick Sales People

With :

You WILL get you apartment delivered on time.
You WILL get a title in your name.
You WILL have rental returns with an operator; that has a PROVEN track record of returns in CEBU, and at the actual property.
You can IMMEDIATELY enjoy RENTAL RETURNS, once your apartment is finished.

The Apartments      

Since each  apartment is essentially an investment vehicle, we build each one for maximum income generation. Each apartment is efficient, durable and easily maintained.   's insight comes from two years of delivering superior results to our current investors.Each luxurious    Apartment located in sunny Cebu, is fitted to the following specifications (ready for immediate rental):

Key Elements:

Aluminum-encased windows and sliding doors with bronze-paned glass
Recessed lighting together with full-sized, wood-encased mirrors
Custom-designed, solid-wood wardrobe closets, with integrated luggage and shoe racks. All internal areas are finished in a durable varnish.
Imported, oversized tiles throughout entire floor area (except balcony).
Built-in kitchen nook with quality, solid-granite counter tops, and with kitchen and cooking utensils
Bright efficient bathrooms with double shower
Broadband internet and provisions for cable television
5 star hotel-standard thick curtains with black out material to cut out light

Furniture & Fixtures include:
(All furniture is based upon on the "Zen" furniture design concept)
1 x 3-4 seater sofa (195 cm long - net inside measurement)
2 x living area ottomans
2 x bed side table with drawers (painted & laquered)
1 x oak coffee table
1 x side table for living area (painted & laquered)
1 x desk (painted & lacquered) with light and desk chair
1 x custom TV stand with lazy susan (painted & laquered)
3 x lamps
1 x queen size bed with headboard and recessed drawers for additional storage
Wide kitchen counter and ample cabinets
Stainless steel kitchen sink
2 x Designer Bar stools
Matching porcelain toilet and vanity sink set

Appliances & Equipment include:

21” color TV
1 x remote-controlled airconditioner
Full-size refrigerator
8-gallons electric water heater
Dual-burner LPG Gas Stove
Microwave Oven
Toaster Oven
Rice Cooker
Plates, Bowls & Utensils

Other Equipment:

Fire extinguisher
Personal electronic safe
Door Security Deadlock
Sentry Safety Door Chain
Security Peep hole for Entrance Door
Terms and Conditions      

RENTAL PROGRAM - The investor/ apartment owner shall sign a rental management agreement with  for at least 5 years.

RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL - Should the apartment owner decide to sell his/ her apartment,  shall be given the first option, under the same terms and conditions, to buy or the right to first refusal the said apartment from the owner. This right of first refusal forms part of the consideration of  Rental Management Program.

Should    fail to exercise the right of first refusal or fails to purchase the subject apartment, after its owner decided to sell the same, the new buyer, if the sale is made before the expiration of the rental management agreement shall respect and honor the rental management agreement until its expiration.

CONDOMINIUM DUES - All property owners shall be responsible for paying their monthly condominium association dues to Kiener Hills Mactan Condominium Corporation Inc. (KHMCC).

USAGE OF RENTED APARTMENTS - If you choose the 60% Rental Share Option, you shall have the right to check-in anytime to your own apartment (subject to availabilty) and enjoy a 50% discount over already competitive rates.

MAINTENANCE -    management will help preserve your investment by providing a professional, year-round maintenance service. Funds for this service shall be deducted from the owner's revenue share.

NON-RENTAL OPERATION EXPENSES -    shall ensure the security and protect the value of your investment by facilitating all information necessary to keep relevant taxes, insurance and other special assessments/fess or local charges of your units updated and current, through its in-house counsel and accountant for a minimum fee. eg.

a.) Real Estate Tax - eg. a 50m2 apartment pays an annual tax of approximately USD 200
b.) Land Tax - apartment owners are assessed an annual land tax by the Government which is approximately USD 130 per year/ per apartment.
c.) Other Special Assessments by the Kiener Hills Mactan Condominium Corporation - your share of any special assessment for common area and or building improvements.
d.) Insurance - insurance fees for the protection of the common areas of the building.

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