QYAO. A Social Economic Network

QYAO is a new social economic network which deals in online franchises and other online services. Members get paid directly by commission for all the activities done by the members and all their respective referrals on the site. The QYAO system is a little bit complex and this ad will try to help you guys start out and understand most of our services.

How the Qyao System Works and Some Pointers for Getting Started.

Let’s begin with the Basics.


- $15.00 signup bonus
- $1.00 each month for each referred active Member
- Get 5% commission from your active referrals monthly earnings
- Cash back from yours and your referrals purchases
- Cash for your activities at QYAO services

- Commissions from Sponsors, Advertisers and online Agencies
- Commission from your posted classified ads
- Commission from your blogs
- Commission from your postings in Forums
- Commission from your Know how Articles
- Commission from your revenue connected to your posted Auctions

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After signing in for the first time on the site, the first thing you should do is to confirm your email address (on your main menu, click on the “statistic” tab and confirm your email address on the “account status” box).

Next and most important step is taking care of your profile page by adding a personal photo and adding as much friends as you can and make your profile popular (our profile page has its own earning power and the more popular it is, the more revenue you earn).


- click on banner ads around your friends’ profile

- use the search engine

- wink
- rate
- send comments

After setting up your account, it's time to activate your Advertising Campaign (don't worry, you have your $15 signup bonus to use here and test the system). On your navigation bar, click on the Statistic tab. On the statistic page, click on the blue START link to activate your ad campaign. that's it. After 24 hours, you'll see increments in earnings and this should be the best time to consider upgrading your membership to elite ($10/month or $27 for 3 months).

As an elite, you'll be able to request payout to your advertising account everyday, which is very important, to increase your daily earnings. plus, you'll have a free 300 cpm daily as a bonus for elite members, and can earn for you an additional $13.50/month just for being an elite.

After your Ad Campaign, go back to the statistic page, scroll down to the bottom and grab your Custom Search Engine URL and submit it to the different free search engine and directories submission sites around the internet.

Here at Qyao, you will be paid for all the activities that you, your referrals and your friends do. And the best thing is, everyone, and not only one, benefits from those activities.

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After getting used to your profile, next thing to do is go to the forums, post some questions, post things that you want other members to see or know (announcements or other programs that you use), post your comments about our program, etc. the important thing is, participating in the forums. You can even apply for a moderator position on forums that have no moderator yet. You’ll earn from thread postings, response to your threads, banner clicks made on your threads and forums, etc.


Create blogs and invite friends to it. Invite even your non-Qyao families and friends to view and comment on your blogs (who knows, they might even join you here). You’ll earn from responses made to your blogs, banner clicks around your blogs, etc. Creating an interesting blog can attract a lot of readers and the more visitors viewing and commenting on your blog , the more you earn.


Post your classified ads at the Qyao classifieds. The more ads you post and more viewers who look into your ads, the more money you make.And please, do not mistake Ad Posting for the Qyao program, to the Ad Posting for Private Contractors. There is a difference between the two. Ad Posting for the Qyao program and gaining referrals will be paid directly by Qyao by $1.00 recurring every month, provided that your referrals are active. Ad Posting for Private Contractors will most likely earn you a fixed monthly income but that’s between you and the contractor. Qyao has nothing to do with such arrangements so be very careful with who you deal with.


Get cash backs from your and your referrals’ purchases at the mall. If you, your family members or friends love to shop online, do it here in Qyao and get cash backs from your purchases.


Members can also earn through our leased units (MORGALASKA, YINGYANG CLUB, YIPPEEKAYO, CHICAGO INFORMER, XHQ6 and 6 NET AVE) by using their search engines.You can access these sites by clicking on the amount of your search engine account.These are your basic earning activities at the Qyao website.

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Referring active members to the program is the best and most powerful start for every member and will dramatically enhance your earnings. Active referrals are the backbone of every member. Remember that you’ll be getting a recurring $1/month and 5% commission on earnings made by all of your active referrals.


A regular member can earn a couple of dollars a month through his/her own activities, more earnings can be realized through active referrals, but the most profitable of them all is by upgrading to an elite membership.
Elite membership lets a member earn 200% more than a regular member would earn with the same efforts and opens up restrictions on the system that regular members encounter.


If you, as a regular member would earn in a month:
$60 – your own activity earnings
$120 – your active referrals’ earnings

Elite membership would give you this in a month:
$120 – your own activity earnings
$240 – your active referrals’ earnings

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Now we go to the Lucrative Positions. These positions require work, dedication and patience:


Become a Franchisee/Leased Unit Owner and earn a 5-6 digit monthly income. Our “try before you buy” policy will enable candidates to lease our units first (3-12 months) before acquiring the full franchise. It will also help the candidate avoid unnecessary fees and ensure maximum revenue.
Our training and continued support is the best in the business with the Franchise Department always on standby to provide assistance to the candidate.

If you want to go this way, I would suggest contacting Mr. Stephen Banks, our resident Franchise Adviser General Manager.


Apply for a Franchise Adviser position and earn a CEO income. Earn $190K a year working closely with the franchisee/leased unit owner. Franchise Advisers earn 20% from payments made by the franchisee to Qyao. Also, earn 20% from the initial franchise fee and 6% weekly royalty fee when Lease Unit owner becomes full Franchisee. Franchise Advisers also earn 5% from other referred franchise advisers’ franchise revenues.

Note: create a team of 10-20 franchise advisers and assume a Managerial position wherein you can earn commissions on all of your franchise advisers earnings.

Mr. Stephen Banks will assign you to one of his Franchise Adviser Managers if you decide to go this way.


Create a team of 50 or more active members and train and guide them to become MM’s themselves. Membership Managers are advised to upgrade to elite membership for at least 3 months to ensure smooth navigation to the website. also, the elite upgrade is symbolic to filter the serious applicants from the not-so-serious ones (serious applicants are, of course, given the highest priority). MM’s should be able to follow instructions and dedicate at least 3 hours per business day and work on the different advertising medias around the internet (eg. social networks, classifieds sites, blogs, forums, etc.).

MM applicants who cannot upgrade to elite can still do the job, only, on a much slower pace.

Regular and Elite members can both reach their goals. Elite members though, reach their goals faster.


Create a team of 20 or more Ad Posters and train and guide them to become APM’s themselves. Strong posting teams are usually contracted by the Unit Owners and lure them to their units. APM’s should be able to communicate with his/her team on a daily basis and assign each of them to work on the different medias individually where ones experience is the strongest.


Lead Generators’ job is the easiest and yet, somewhat more profitable since main focus is on generating lead prospects for the franchise. LG’s are required to work on the different advertising medias around the internet with focus on acquiring potential franchisees/lease unit owners. LG’s have no obligation with the potential franchisee that he/she refers. These referrals are passed on to the Franchise Department where the candidate will be taken care of. LG’s are also required to work closely with Mr. Stephen Banks or one of the Franchise Adviser Managers to learn the different techniques in posting ads for the franchise and gain the needed experience and become independent. LG’s earn 20% from payment made by the lease unit owner to Qyao.

My Parting Words

Referring is the main part here at Qyao. Referring active members and creating a team of Franchisees, Franchise Advisers, Membership Managers, Ad Poster Managers, Lead Generators, etc. Just imagine how your income will explode.

Working at Qyao, as I said earlier, requires work, dedication and patience. It all starts with you and the effort that you put into it. It’s like having a regular 9-5 job where you work hard expecting to earn some. The difference is that at Qyao, you work hard, let’s say, 2-3 months, follow all the instructions given to you, and when results start coming in, your work will gradually decrease and your earnings increase. The best part of it is, you work at home, with your family and in your jammies. No Mondays, no commuting, no traffic, no boss, no nothing. Just yourself.

And remember, at Qyao, you will work for yourself but never by yourself. I'll see to that.

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Thank you for reading and be Blessed.

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