1) Put up a profile picture! It can be of you, your family, your dog, a cartoon, anything! :)

2) Don't set your profile to private. If you are worried about getting stalked, don't post pictures of yourself or personal info. (Only a suggestion, you may of course be a private person if you want to be. Be aware, a private profile makes it much harder to make friends and get page views. page views = $$$)

3) Go to: Account Settings > Privacy Settings :: Make sure that EVERYONE can comment you and message you. If somone is bothering you, simply click the block button in the message and you will never hear from them again. :)

4) Get a nice layout so people have something pretty to look at! :) Go HERE for Yuwie Layouts!

5) Fill out your "Bio" and "Interests" sections.
Go to: Control Panel > Edit Profile :: You will see your "bio" and "interests" tabs in the middle.

6) Make use of your "Shout Box". Put in a picture slide show, or guest book, or just some cool graphics you found that reflect who you are. Your "Shout Box" is located in another tab next to your "Bio" and "Interests" tabs.

7) Post your first blog.
You will see in your Control Panel some grey boxes. Hover over them until you see the one for Blogs.
This is where you get to be creative! Post about anything you want! Movie reviews, jokes, current events...whatever! If you have writers block, just do a google search on any subject interests YOU. When you find something that catches your attention, write about it in your blog. Title that blog the catchy title that caught your eye in the first place. (Make sure you include a link to the web page you found your info from)

OK! So far so good! You now officially have a Yuwie presence. Now, you need a few new friends to make you feel right at home. I'm willing to bet that you already have a few requests waiting for you! On to the next step! MAKING FRIENDS


1) You probably already have some friend requests waiting for you! When you click your "Control Panel" link, you will see a red alert link saying "New Friend Requests" if you do. Click on that link to approve your new friend requests. If you want to comment your new friends and thank them for adding you (you should!), just right click on their picture and open link in a new tab or window, then approve the request. Now go comment your brand new friend! :)

2) Join clubs that interest YOU. Click on "Clubs" in the top menu and do searches for things that interest you. Join those clubs and add a few of the members while you are there. This is the best way to make lots of friends that share the same interests as you! This is what will make your Yuwie experience fun and interesting AND you'll get more page views! Since these people share the same interests, they will want to see your profile.

3) Join the Yuwie International Friend Factory club. It's a very quick way to get tons of new friends!

4) Visit your friends profiles. Read their blogs if you think they are interesting. Rate them. Send them comments. When you are active and show an interest, others will take notice and want to see what you have going on in your own profile. This is why it's really important to try to make friends that you have things in common with. Please do not randomly comment people telling them to leave you comments or read your blogs. That is just rude.

People don't care about vain, thoughtless posts. Just use the site for social networking and talking to your friends. If you do that, the rest will take care of itself.

You are doing great! Now you have your own little Yuwie world and people love you! :) Take some time to get used to the site and how it works. Explore your "Control Panel" and learn what all those little buttons do. When you are feeling more comfortable navigating the site and chatting with your new's time to get some referrals! On to the next step! GETTING REFERRALS


Referral URL Code

You don't have to limit yourself to what is mentioned here. This is just to get you started on the right path. DO NOT SPAM! Remember what you do on other websites, forums, email messages, etc is not just a reflection of you. You represent Yuwie and we do not want people thinking Yuwie is nothing but a bunch of spammers!

Get your referral link

You can find this just under your Control Panel box on the left side of the page.
You can also use the banner links in "Referral Tools". Yuwie has them set up with the codes that already have your referral link in them.
Go to: Control Panel > Referrals > Referral Tools
Copy and paste the different banner codes you like into notepad or wordpad and save them to your computer to find them again quickly.

Use a splash page

It makes things a lot easier since some websites will block links to their competition! A splash page is sort of like an "intro". It is one page with a brief, but catchy summary about Yuwie and why it's so great. All the links on this page should only go to your Yuwie sign up page. You don't want to confuse anyone and lose them!

Premade Splash Page 1:

You don't need to know anything about making web pages or html. This one is already made for you! Just put your Yuwie ID at the end of the link!
Replace that number in bold at the end with your Yuwie ID. (It's right next to your picture in your Control Panel)

Premade Splash Page 2:
Just enter your referral URL in the first box, then just the END of your referral URL in the second box and they will generate your new splash page URL for you.

Make your own splash page
You can make your splash page a blog. Try for a free blog. Choose a template that is neat and clean looking. You want people to notice how wonderful Yuwie is, not how distracting the page design is. If you know a little html and how to create a web page, try out to create a free web page. You may also Google "free website" for more options.
• If you want to learn a little about html try this free tutorial:
Follow the menu to the left for the tutorial you want to learn. It has "Try it Yourself" links so you can test it out live and see how it works.

Hide your URL

If you do not want to use a splash page, you can also "hide" your referral URL. Again, because there are many sites that will block links to their competition! Try YuwieYou Shorty.

Insert URL into banner codes
NOW - look in your banner codes you have saved. Find your referral URL, and replace it with your splash page URL or you new "hidden" URL. Be careful not to accidentally delete anything else in the code or it won't show up right when you try to use it!

You are doing great! Now that we have the basic referral set up, you have to expose it to as many people as possible. On to the next step! PLACES TO GET REFERRALS
**Just click one of the light green links on the left side to see the tutorial. :)


You need to keep checking your Referral Tree to see if you have any new referrals. Go to:

Control Panel > Referrals > Referral Tree

Now that you have a referral (or more) what do you do?

Teach them to do the same as you! After all it's working out isn't it?
As soon as you see you have new referrals, immediately send them a comment and message, and even rate them.

Referrals in your level 1 are automatically added to your friends list. So if you have referrals in your level 2 or 3 you will need to send them an add request. You can also send them a message telling them they are in your second (or third) level and you can help them with any questions.

DO NOT send a comment saying..."sign up for this *** to get referrals"! Come one! Give them a chance to settle into Yuwie a little before you bombard them! Just send a nice comment welcoming them to a fun community.

Your First Message: You don't want to overwhelm them with too much information. Be brief and nice.
Welcome them again to this great community. Tell them you are their sponsor and are here to help out if they have any questions. Then write something very brief about the first couple of things they should do right away! Like put up a profile picture. Encourage them to explore the Control Panel and find out what all the buttons mean. Give them the link to this website too. Then, again repeat that you will help them out with any questions and say good bye! :)

Keep sending them messages every few days to encourage them more. If you notice they are not even signing in, don't bother because they won't even see the message. But, you will see their page views increase the more they sign in. So, you should keep in contact. Each time you message them, send one little tip.

"hey! You haven't got a layout yet. You can click the layouts link in the top of the page and search for something cool."
"Join the Yuwie International Friend Factory to start making lots of friends!"

Then, once you see they have a few friends and active start encourageing them to look for referrals.
"Looks like you've been having fun! Have you tried getting some referrals? Try clicking the "Invite Friend" link to invite your friends and family, or just email them and ask them to join. You can find your referral link just below your Contorl Panel box. Put that link in your email for your friends to sign up with."

And of course let them know they can get lots of info from this website! :)

Once they get a referral send them a message congratulating them. Then, let them know there are many different ways to get referrals. Tell them about one of the things you tried that worked out good for you.

Keep on encouraging them as things go along. Make sure they know to do the same encouraging things with their own referrals so it will keep growing down the line and you will make it to level 10! :)

• If you are very active with your referrals and teach them to be the same way, you won't need hundreds of referrals to get to level 10 and making some nice pay checks. Keeping in active contact and teaching DUPLICATION is the key to success. Not numbers.
• As with any social networking site people come and go as life gets busy for them and things change. You don't need to push for the large numbers right off the bat. You won't be able to keep up with them to stay in contact and teach them. You'll end up with a long list of 0 page views in your referral tree.
• Start out small enough for you to handle keeping in touch. When your referrals seem to be doing well and getting their own referrals OR if you notice people having busy lives and less time online, then go find a couple more to keep things moving.