A word of advice.Treat this program as a business as it is! You get what you put in, in time and  effort. If you feel discouraged, remember we have all been there. QYAO is a complex system. It will take you some time to understand it all. The important thing to realize is that there are people like myself, jobqueen, Susan Wilkins, marc and others who are willing to help you achieve success. Your success is our success. If you are not sure of anything ASK!  
Register here if you are not a member; qyao registration

1. Earning Money with Advertising Account

Login to your Account
Go to Navigation bar and click on link Statistic
Look for blue link START
Click on blue link START
When it turns into red link STOP
Leave it on red STOP because it means your promo is running

WAIT 24 hours (next day US eastern time)
Than log in again go to Statistic and scroll down to purple table
Above purple table you will see 3 sponsors; they all have Request Payment links
Click on request Payment link of first sponsor (Ying Yang Club)
When you are redirected to login page of Ying Yang Club use same login as at QYAO
When you are in the account Request Payment to Advertising Account
Do the Request every day at every sponsor’s site

It’s important that you request money every day keeping funds in Advertising Account as high as possible. Higher is the amount higher are daily earnings.Repeat that each day until you reach daily earnings amount you want to. Once you are earning let say $60.00 per day than request once per week payment to Main Account. From Main Account you can withdraw through Processor to your Bank account, Paypal or other payment service at any time.

Regular members

If you are regular Member you’ll be able to request payment only once per month. This is a protection that Sponsors set up to protect themselves from fraudulent activities.

You can be become an elite member by working your way up. Getting referrals and clicking through advertiser partners. If you do not want to wait then you can upgrade your membership by clicking on UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP on your home page. Regular Members can operate with fake name, commit a fraud and can’t be traced

Elite members

Elite Members who have upgraded using their credit card or online payment service can be tracked if any fraud is committed

Something to think about

They are whispering that QYAO is preparing the option to advertise for third  parties; in general this would mean you could submit sponsor link or banner and create unlimited Advertising Campaigns with Google banners, Adbrite, Bivertiser, Linkshare, Clicxchange, etc. They pay way more than existing QYAO Sponsors.  At the moment you are earning about 50% of profits on your funds in Advertising Account, if this option of third party come through then you could be making 300% or even 700% of profits on the amount. Above mentioned sponsors are paying way more. But for the moment let’s operate with what we have.

My suggestion to everyone who wants to really earn money and do it fast is don’t wait until you can upgrade from earnings from your referrals, go with $10 or $27.00 upgrade and you’ll be earning from day one with quick increments! But if you wait it will take a couple of weeks.

2. Writing a marketing campaign

When writing out ads for your campaign. You need to be short and to the point. Your ads should be similar to what is here. Or you can do your own campaign letters. Use and modify for your own campaign.

< -------------------------- Start Message ------------------- >

Coworker wanted

Start and test with no investment absolutely free. I am looking for a coworker who wants to earn $60.00 - $300.00 per day. Work is online, very easy and it takes about 2 months or less with a little effort to reach $60.00/day.

Daily work:

Monitoring statistic of Search Engines
Communicating with potential applicants
Referring new applicants

Required approximately 2 hours of work per day. Please respond only if you are serious. This work pays out and you’ll have proof from day one.


Your Name

< -------------------------- End Message ------------------- >

When they respond than you send them other message with explanation:

< -------------------------- Start Message ------------------- >


Thank you for your email; I am sorry I could not get back to you earlier. I hope you are ready for the change in your life. What I have to ask of you is, you need to put in an effort before you can get a return. This is very important, if do not know what you are suppose to be doing then please ASK!!

There are 2 ways to get started with this business. Read through carefully and follow the link to register as an individual at the website. Do  not worry about the Franchise position

My ID on the website is ID ####

Please send me an internal message once you have registered. Have a look around. Familiarize yourself.

Checkout my BIO here:******

 Here's to your success.


 ###### [your name here]


You can include your own website or get them to go directly to QYAO

As indicated below.



Once you go through information below I’ll prepare special guidance for you
and send it to your email and intern QYAO messaging system

Work contains:

Search Engine submissions that can generate over $30.00 per day if not way More. Online Advertising Activation that generates 50% profit on the amount in Advertising Account

Traffic generation, multi tier can earn a few K/month in about 3 months alot of hard work and commitment

Referring new applicants is the  most profitable part of the system and has almost no limitation

It’s not a question of will you earn but rather, how much you will earn. If you Follow a daily routine which takes you about 1 to 2 hours. YOU WILL NOT FAIL! 

First I’d like to point out the list and my ID xxxxxx so you can see how much per day I earn and how other Members are doing check it out here

Than I’d ask you to test it yourself for free. Register at  login, click on Statistic link in navigation bar and than click on blue link START which will changes into red link STOP. At the registration you get $15.00 bonus to test system for free.Advertising Account enables your account to earn $22.50 on a behalf of $15.00 in Advertising Account. This is just a test that your account is working properly and of course you keep the money. Even if you are already register, I’d ask you to register through given URL, I’ll show you how to earn big and I am stimulated only if I earn too. With you being registered through my URL I’m rewarded with solid income and I have interest that you make big. So if I can’t make you earn at least couple of thousands per month, than I’m not earning anything on your behalf. I can’t let you fail.
Please register here and test the system so you are sure it works as I said. After 24 hours when you get a proof please contact me so we can go after real money, contact me in the QYAO’s messaging system and add me in your network my ID xxxxxx. You can talk to others who are earning already in the forum

Please read my blogs this will help you how to start and be successful (you have to be logged into your account):

Your Blog URl here


Your Name

< -------------------------- End Message ------------------- >

Daily routine

You need to do the following EVERYDAY so you can start to earn money, while doing your marketing campaign. Set aside a time, say 30 minutes to an hour daily. Sign in click on statistics scroll down till you see this.

C - Certified (earnings are guarantied in compliance with Terms)

Select each Search Engine on the left one after the other. Make 10 Searches at each search engine with different keyword and click on 1 to 3 results in each Search Engine:

Ying Yang Club
6 Net Ave
Morg Alaska
Chicago Informer

Now do the math if you do few clicks at each Search Engine each day, that makes let say $0.05; if you submit your Search Engine in only few Search Engines and Directories and only 100 people click on it will be $5.00 for you each day.
Now do the same math with your referrals:

You have only 10 referrals and they click each day it will bring maybe $2.00
to  $5.00 You have 1000 referrals it will bring $50.00 - $300.00 each day

Your referrals submit their Search Engines and each get between 50 to 100people per day. Can you do the math now?


You earn from each serious active referral at first level $1.00 recurring each month and from other 9 levels $0.10 recurring each month. This is not hard to do. I have included ways to go about this below.

Referrals activities give you a much bigger earnings potential!

 It’s very important to stay in touch with your referrals.

Make your profile presentable, upload your picture or avatar to make it friendlier and add as many friends as you can. More popular is your profile and more money you are making more is your Account worth. Higher you are in Auction List more chances you have to sell your Account to higher bidder.

Sign at other Social Networks and when you start adding friends send them short message something like that:

When your referrals sign under you than you have to guide them and help them out. Encourage them to refer others and your down line will spread like a forest fire. Post blogs and encourage your referrals to post blogs. Through blogs you can answer many of your referrals at once.

3. Earn Money with Search Engine

Your Search Engine is located at Use this URL to submit is in multi submits to major Search Engines and Directories. Make a list of Free Submit Services to submit in Major Search Engines and Directories and build up the list add new ones and show it to your referrals.

So if your ID is 60716 than your Custom Search Engine will be located at
 http://qyao.com60716/se. This URL you should submit to as many Search Engines and Directories as you can. Some of them index it immediately; some of them take up to few weeks. Keep in mind that Search Engines and Directories are visited by millions of people and once your URL appears in it, it doesn’t matter where you are located because other people from all over the world will be clicking on results in your Search Engine and you’ll be getting paid for these clicks.

Important: When you are submitting your Custom Search Engine to Search Engines and Directories use free email service and DO NOT use your regular email address or You’ll be getting a lot of spam messages.

Here are few multi submit services where you can submit for free (avoid any paid services):

Submit to Search Engines

Submit to Directories:
Submit your blogs to Directories:
Forum where they discus where to submit URL’s: